Variable Air Volume Terminal Unit – [VAV]

  • The variable air volume (VAV) system is applicable to most buildings in which an all-air type of air conditioning system may be successfully applied. The objective of heating, ventilating and air conditioning (HVAC) systems is to satisfy users when it comes to health, indoor air quality (IAQ), and thermal comfort. Air conditioning systems employed to provide thermal comfort and indoor air quality consume a significant part of the building energy requirement. Compared with other all air systems, such as double duct & multi-zone, the variable air volume system offers inherent savings in both installation and operating costs. A variable air volume (VAV) system enables 14 % to 20 % energy savings in the chiller and 20 % to 48 % for the fan system.
  • KYODO Variable Air Volume (VAV) terminal units have a volume flow rate controller for supplying air in a variable air volume system. These units are designed to control the airflow rate of conditioned air into an occupied space in response to a control signal from a thermostat or Building Automation System (BAS). They can be used in a stand alone system or interfaced with LonWorks, BACnet or KYODO AIBS systems.

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